Ok, so, it’s been a while between blog posts ( two years, to be exact ).


Because of Instagram and all that stuff, it’s been easy to justify not taking the time to blog and curate an entire story when all that’s expected for so long now is the occasional cracker shot here and there on the phone grid. I have found Instagram a lot harder to tell the stories I like to tell, the way I like to tell them, so I’m going back to the blog.

So I’m going to make this the year of many blog posts – #bringbacktheblog. To kick things off, I have chosen to share a sneak peek into the window of Ale and James’ INSANE wedding that took place at the end of last year at COMO The Treasury in Perth, Western Australia. The artists that I was insanely lucky to collaborate on this event were the cream of the crop and gave me a pretty insane canvas to work with.

Thank you to:

Alicia, from The Wild Flower Perth {Florals and Design} // Event Artillery {Chairs and Tables and Stuff} // DJ Yon Jovi {On The Decks} // Deone and the crew from State Buildings {Running the Show, Owning the Buildings #nbd} // Courtney from Studio Bruce {Branding and Running the Show} // The epic, Hendra {Make-up artist to the Stars} and of course my lovely and amazing second shooter Рassistant for the day Sosh {Second Shooter and Gear Finder}

Also huge hats off to Ale for giving a little-known dress designer Paolo Sebastian a chance without even meeting him, he did a wonderful job, and if you ask me: the kid’s going places.

Enjoy x



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February 15, 2019
Welcome back, Yoda. What an electric comeback. Sheer random magical brilliance xx (Maybe I'll blog again now too. Maaaaaybeeeee...)
February 15, 2019
A perfect wedding from beginning to end...
February 16, 2019
These are all so absolutely gorgeous. So many stunning images and perfect editing. Love!
February 16, 2019
Bloody legend.
February 18, 2019
Dan....... every shot has captured perfectly such a magical day for our gorgeous girl and our wonderful son in law. We feel honoured that you made the trip over and we will always have these beautiful memories. Come back & visit us ......
February 18, 2019
So sick! Dan smashing it like always!
February 21, 2019
EVERYTHING about this!!! Blimmen magical stuff and all the in-between!!! Nothing but net nailed xxx
March 2, 2019
Wow dude! Captured the day perfectly. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more blogs from you this year :)
March 4, 2019
Good to see you back in the Blog-land with these killer shots.

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